June 26, 2007

SMCLC Sends Letter to Council Supporting Reappointment of Darrell Clarke to Planning Commission

Dear City Council:

Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City (SMCLC) supports Darrell Clarke for a third term on the Planning Commission. We respect Darrell's knowledge of the 1984 General Plan revisions, his varied skills and experience, and his collegiality and integrity in dealing with his colleagues and residents on difficult planning issues.

SMCLC believes Darrell is a standout for many reasons:

(1) he has strong, abiding community relations and communication skills;

(2) he believes that the city's LUCE process must be transparent and inclusive of residents' views;

(3) he has the necessary experience gained throughout the LUCE process, knows the issues, and is able to do the hard work of understanding the details and making the revisions to the General Plan that residents have clamored for;

(4) he has a good relationship with our new Planning Director; and

(5) his Expo Line light rail planning expertise will prove helpful as Phase 2 is implemented.

Thank you for your consideration.

Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City