SMCLC Urges FPPC to Adopt New Rules to End Voter Deception and Confusion Stemming from Recent Santa Monica Election

In the Nov 2, 2010 election, a phony front group for developers called "Santa Monicans for Quality Government" (SMQG) sent out a series of misleading and inaccurate mailers to Santa Monica voters. Among other things, SMQG flouted the City's own rules which required it to timely file its campaign reports with the City Clerk, and also produced a phony "Democratic Voter Guide" which many Santa Monica voters thought was the "official" party guide and took to the polls with them to use as a guide in voting. As a result, most voters in Santa Monica had no idea who SMQG really was, who was funding it, or that its endorsements were inaccurate when they went to the polls.

It's time to make the voting process fair and transparent, and to end voter confusion and deception. The state should adopt a statewide electronic filing system, one that will require groups like SMQG to file electronically so that voters can be informed of who is financing them BEFORE an election. And SMCLC wants phony Democratic Voter Guides to be plainly labeled on every page as commercial paid-for publications which were NOT sent out by any political party.

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