Fighting for Santa Monica. Always.

November 4, 2010

When you fight powerful, entrenched politicians and the big money interests they serve, it's never easy to win.

On November 2nd, Santa Monica's election proved no exception to that.

While Kevin McKeown won, Ted Winterer currently trails Bob Holbrook by under 150 votes.  With almost 6,000 absentee and provisional ballots remaining to be counted, we won't have the final results until next Tuesday.

What we do know is that we have just witnessed one of the most deceptive campaigns in recent Santa Monica history, paid for by developers and those who work for them, and managed by the campaign consultant for two of the incumbents.  This campaign was aimed directly at defeating Kevin McKeown and Ted Winterer.  Their tactics consisted of a series of misleading mailers and phony voter guides which have been denounced as deceptive by the Santa Monica Democratic Club, the police and firefighters' associations, Community for Excellent Public Schools, and SMCLC.

While this smear campaign was unsuccessful against well-known, long-time incumbent councilmember Kevin McKeown, depending on the final numbers, it may have been more effective against the lesser known Ted Winterer.

We hope Ted will pull out a victory, but regardless of the outcome, SMCLC will continue to fight for residents and against the oversized influence of developers; the very developers who fund the campaigns of the Councilmembers who decide the fate of their projects.  

Thanks for your support,