SMCLC is making only one endorsement for City Council in this election:   Sue Himmelrich. 

Councilmember Himmelrich shares our reasonable growth and transparent government goals and actions. She has been a strong voice for residents on the Council to hold developers accountable for the impacts their projects would have on the livability of our city.  She is a formidable advocate for affordable housing. She has been reachable and responsive to residents on many issues.

Sue opposes the proposed massive project on public land at 4th and Arizona and 130-foot hotels on Ocean Avenue.  She pushed successfully with us for the Elizabeth Riel investigation, which revealed that Councilmember O’Connor had illegally interfered with Ms. Riel’s hiring as a top city employee, resulting in Riel’s unconstitutional firing.

In her one term on the Council, Sue has initiated and achieved important lobbyist registration for developers and all those seeking to do business with the City who meet with council members and staff.  Likewise, thanks to her leadership, there is a code of ethics binding city staff. She “walks the talk” and doesn’t take developer or corporate donations.

She understands that being on the Council requires thinking about tough problems like our pension obligations which are exacerbated by our growing bureaucracy.  She spearheaded a Council audit subcommittee to begin to rein in spending and pension payouts that are unsustainable at current levels.

SMCLC also supports Measure TL – 12-year term limits for Council and sponsored by Himmelrich.  Like us, she recognizes the dangers of long-term incumbency fueled by special interest money, which dilutes residents’ voices over time and results in a less responsive government.