June 21, 2009

LA Times study confirms Prop T supporters were right.

Over 18,000 Prop T supporters --- some 45% of residents who voted for controls on runaway commercial growth last year were RIGHT! The LA Times
reports alarming traffic increase numbers in key areas of our 8 square mile city between 2002 and 2007.

The Times study confirms that quality of life is fast diminishing for Santa Monica residents who forgo activities because of the worsening and unpredictable time it takes to drive to/from them.

In just 5 years between 2002 and 2007 traffic has about doubled at 20th and
Olympic, and it has increased 7 to 15 per cent elsewhere. Meanwhile, city planning reports show that it's business as usual for mostly out-of-town developers who seek approval for 7 large-scale projects, some in the very areas where traffic is already at intolerable

For the LA Times study and its accompanying chart for Santa Monica
traffic increase numbers (click here).

Please note that the traffic counts shown below for Santa Monica
intersections are for only 15 minute cycles, so to understand how
much traffic is actually flowing per hour these numbers must be
multiplied by 4.