Santa Monica needs sensible City Council term limits:

  • Currently councilmembers have virtual life tenures. Over the past quarter century ALL but two have been re-elected.

  • Their repeated re-election is regularly fueled by massive support from special interests, including developers, with highly profitable business to be decided upon by these councilmembers. Over time incumbents become more cozy with these interests and increasingly defer to staff. Residents are regularly left out.

  • We need fresh ideas and new energy, not life tenures, to move forward and solve our difficult problems:

    1. Non-stop overdevelopment, with lots more planned
    2. Worsening traffic and mobility for residents
    3. Lack of adequate affordable housing, including loss of rent-controlled units
    4. Sharply increasing city budget and pension obligations
    5. Growing crime, with many residents feeling less safes

  • It’s time to join our neighboring communities in enacting moderate term limits—such as LA City, LA County, Culver City, Beverly Hills, West Hollywood, Glendale, Torrance, Redondo Beach, Santa Barbara and Anaheim.

Join SMCLC in supporting Measure TL. For 12-year Council term limits. For more information go to: