SMCLC opposes massive Arizona project on public land, urges a project within zoning

June 2, 2015

The city is forging ahead on Wednesday with concept plans for a massive project on public land at 4th /5th and Arizona. This, despite the resounding results of the City's recent, scientific poll of residents about future heights, densities and uses for the downtown which showed that citywide, young and old, residents opposed by over a 2:1 margin large projects that would exceed current zoning and increase downtown traffic -- like this one.

Although we are supposedly at the beginning of the Arizona approval process, our city elected and appointed officials have eagerly embraced it - a lot like the original three 21-story towers proposal for Santa Monica Place and last year's Hines project.  Those projects were defeated only because residents organized successful opposition to them, resulting in smaller, far superior projects with far fewer environmental and traffic impacts.

We predict this one will share a similar fate. This site was purchased by the City with over $100 million of public funds. We own this site.

Read SMCLC's letter to the Planning Commission objecting to the project here.