Vote For Santa Monica
SMCLC Will Work to Elect Councilmembers Who Will Advocate FOR Residents, Not Developers

September 8, 2010

Santa Monicans will have a clear choice this November.

Will we elect a city council beholden to large developers?
Or will we elect a council that advocates for Santa Monica residents?

The choice is that clear.

The Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City is a non-profit, volunteer group of Santa Monica residents who came together to fight unrestrained development in our city and the gridlocking traffic it brings.

We're here because when it comes to development, most of our council members are driven by three simple words: More, more and more.

Do you think zoning protects our neighborhoods from huge, new traffic generating developments? Think again.

Big developers simply bypass zoning and go right to city council where they apply for so-called "Development Agreements." These agreements allow developers to build projects larger than city zoning allows. "Development Agreements" were intended to be used rarely, and only for projects that were so beneficial they should be approved despite their negative impacts.

It hasn't worked that way. "Development Agreements" have taken the place of city planning. They are common; they are standard; and they are devastating to our neighborhoods; overwhelming them with traffic!

Currently there are TEN massive Development Agreements in the pipeline. Just TWO of which add more commercial square-footage to our city that all nine of Santa Monica's largest hotels COMBINED!

And make no mistake. The current city council will probably approve all ten of them.


Because too many members of our current city council are completely beholden to large developers.

You can do two things to change that this November.

  1. Vote for Ted Winterer, Kevin McKeown and Susan Hartley for City Council. SMCLC endorses these candidates because we know they will work WITH residents who support reasonable growth, not against them. Visit our website to find out more.

  2. Help us reshape Santa Monica politics.

SMCLC has launched a Political Action Committee to educate Santa Monica voters on the track record of some of our current council members; who is funding their campaigns, and how they vote to empower developers, not residents.

Help us get the word out.

Please make a contribution to help us elect a city council that supports residents.

Make a contribution right now by visiting our website at:

Or download our form at: and send a check to:
Box 1002
1223 Wilshire Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA 90403-5400
This election cycle, you'll be hearing more from us about new candidates and incumbents up for for re-election. Some of it will shock you, because some of their behavior is indeed shocking.

Please help us share this vital information with other voters so they can know the facts before they vote.

We're looking forward to the election this November, because with your help, we know we can win.

Thank you,