October 25, 2010

tedLast week, the SM Daily Press joined SMCLC and strongly endorsed Ted Winterer for a 4-year Council term.

Here's why:


As a former member of the Recreation and Parks Commission, and a current member of the Planning Commission and the Ocean Park Association board, Winterer has walked the walk.

He is an advocate of slow growth and clearly speaks for residents who want to retain Santa Monica’s vibe. He has worked with city staff to address parking problems on Main Street and he has been an advocate for locally- owned businesses.

He brings common sense and a wiliness to hear all arguments before making a reasoned decision. In addition, Ted represents a much-needed demographic on the council. He’s a family man and a homeowner with kids in our local public schools.

Winterer has run a professional campaign and has secured credible endorsements. If Winterer can’t win, other serious candidates shouldn’t even bother running. All we will be left with are incumbents and fringe candidates, meaning change will come to the council only if death strikes or someone decides to walk away."


We couldn't agree more.  Please support Ted and tell your friends and neighbors to do likewise.