October 27, 2010

O’Connor Campaign Linked to Last Minute Dirty Tricks

Councilwoman Pam O’Connor’s campaign strategist has sent out two mailings erroneously implying that fellow SMRR candidate Kevin McKeown was not endorsed by local police officers and firefighters.

Both those groups have in fact endorsed Mr. McKeown.

The mailing even featured the unauthorized use of police and firefighters’ organization logos.  It deceptively claimed that those organizations had only endorsed four candidates.

The police association condemned this tactic as “disingenuous” and “a misrepresentation of our endorsement.”

The group behind these bogus mailings, which immediately dissolved after sending them, is run by Fred Huebscher.

Mr. Huebscher is also orchestrating Ms. O’Connor’s City Council campaign.  Ms. O’Connor’s campaign even paid for part of the mailings!  (See “Group Dodging Campaign Disclosure,” SM Daily Press 10/27/10)

This mailing targeted Kevin McKeown, implying he was not endorsed by police and firefighters.  Since SMRR bylaws (Section 4) prohibit Ms. O’Connor from campaigning against a fellow SMRR candidate, SMRR should now repudiate Ms. O’Connor’s campaign.

These kinds of last minute dirty tricks have no place in Santa Monica politics.  If you agree, you can say so on Nov. 2.

For more information, and to see the complaint SMCLC has filed with the City Attorney about these deceptive mailers, tactics, and the bogus group behind them, go to www.smclc.net