November 1, 2010

It’s confirmed.  And it’s as ugly as we thought.

“Santa Monicans for Quality Government” is a developer front.

The group targeting Kevin McKeown and Ted Winterer with their deceptive and misleading mailers, “Santa Monicans for Quality Government,” is WHOLLY FUNDED BY OUT-OF-TOWN DEVELOPERS AND ONE OF THEIR LAW FIRMS.

Many of these out-of-town developers have huge projects pending before City Council.

One day before our elections, we have pried loose “SMQG”s funding information; information they hoped to conceal from Santa Monica voters until AFTER the election.

Here it is:

$25,000 from Hines (developers of a 1,000,000 square foot project on 26th and Olympic which will come before Council)

$20,000 NMS Properties (LA based luxury apartment developers)

$20,000 The Edward Thomas Management Co (manage Shutters and Casa del Mar and were key players in the anti- Kevin McKeown campaign four years ago);

$2,500 - Village Trailer Park LLC (developer seeking to evict low income residents of the trailer park for major commercial/residential project)

$2,000 - Maxser & Co (office buildings and parks)

$2,500 - Armbruster, Goldsmith & Delac LLP  (development lawyers for commercial developers including Agensys which has a Development Agreement pending before City Council)

The mailers “SMQG” put out have been called deceptive, misleading, and untrue by the police and firefighters’ associations, the Community for Excellent Public Schools, and the Santa Monica Democratic Club, along with SMCLC.

And the same person running “SMQG” is running Pam O’Conner’s campaign!

Ms. O’Connor is running as a SMRR candidate while her campaign coordinator is coordinating the attacks on fellow SMRR candidates McKeown and Winterer on behalf of big developers!

Santa Monica voters need to know the truth about who’s behind this bogus campaign before they vote.   Please send this email to five of your friends.

Let’s tell out-of-town developers, and the Council members who work for them, that Santa Monica voters reject their dirty tricks.

And please vote for Kevin McKeown, Ted Winterer and Susan Hartley.