February 25, 2013 

SMCLC Urges Council to Finally Pass Transportation Impact Fees that City Should Have Collected from Developers Over the Past 20 Years!

In 1991, recognizing that Santa Monica would face crippling traffic problems due to pending commercial development, the City enacted a law requiring developers of new commercial projects to pay a transportation impact fee to fund citywide transportation improvements.  But over the past 20 years the City of Santa Monica has failed to collect ANY such traffic impact fees that it was entitled to under the ordinance. Through incompetence or a too cozy relationship with developers, the City hasn’t sought or collected these fees in violation of its own law.

In 2008, SMCLC brought this manifest failure to the City Council's attention. See here

Now, almost 5 years later, the City Council is finally prepared to adopt such fees.  Action is long overdue.

Read SMCLC's letter here.